09-19 -> 09-22Black Canyon Canoe
09-20Merit Badge Day - Hosted by Troop 260
09-20SERVICE: Coastal Clean-Up day
09-22Geology Merit Badge
09-23Court of Honor
09-27Merit Badge Day - Hosted by Troop 959
09-27 -> 09-28ASM & PLC Training Camp
09-20SERVICE: Coastal Clean-Up day
1 people attending
Register by Sep-19-14
09-23Court of Honor
5 people attending
Register by Sep-22-14
09-27 -> 09-28ASM & PLC Training Camp
9 people attending
10-12Voyage to Mars
20/32 people attending
Register by Oct-07-14
10-14Boards of Review (BOR)
1 people attending
10-17 -> 10-19Palomar Mountain 2 Tier Car Camp / Backpack
25/30 people attending
Register by Sep-30-14
11-01Scout Expo
1 people attending
11-11SERVICE: VFW Veterans Day Flag Ceremony
10 people attending
11-15MSR Fall Shooting Sports Day
11 people attending
Register by Oct-28-14
11-16Oceanography Merit Badge
9/25 people attending
Register by Nov-11-14
11-18Boards of Review (BOR)
0 people attending
12-05 -> 12-07Mud Caves
13 people attending
Register by Nov-04-14
12-09Boards of Review (BOR)
0 people attending
01-13Boards of Review (BOR)
0 people attending
01-16 -> 01-18Joshua Tree National Park
17 people attending
Register by Dec-16-14
02-20SERVICE: San Rafael Lenten Fish Fry Dinners
0 people attending
02-27SERVICE: San Rafael Lenten Fish Fry Dinners
0 people attending
03-06SERVICE: San Rafael Lenten Fish Fry Dinners
0 people attending
03-10Boards of Review (BOR)
0 people attending
03-13SERVICE: San Rafael Lenten Fish Fry Dinners
0 people attending
03-20SERVICE: San Rafael Lenten Fish Fry Dinners
0 people attending
04-14Boards of Review (BOR)
0 people attending
05-12Boards of Review (BOR)
0 people attending
05-24SERVICE: Webb Park Clean-Up
1 people attending
05-25SERVICE: VFW Flags, Memorial Day
0 people attending
07-04SERVICE: VFW Flags, July 4th
0 people attending

Welcome !

Welcome to BSA Troop 685 from San Diego, California

Troop 685 is a scout-led troop where the boys decide upon, lead and participate in their trips, activities, and service projects. Adult leaders guide scouts on this journey and on their path to Eagle.

Troop 685 meets at 7 PM every Tuesday evening at Monterey Ridge Elementary School in 4S Ranch. Exceptions will be noted on the Troop Calendar on this website.

Many thanks to our chartering organization, Veterans of Foreign Wars, VFW Post 7766.

Monterey Ridge Elementary School
17117 4S Ranch Parkway
San Diego, CA 92127

Sept. 30th Advancement Night Merit Badges now listed

Posted on Sep 17 2014 - 11:14am

Please look at the details on the calendar.

We just added a new group for the Cooking Merit Badge. The boys should be First Class or above for this merit badge. There are some prerequisites that need to be done before the meeting on Tuesday the 30th.

Merit Badge Advancement Nights - Sept. 30th and Oct. 28th

Posted on Sep 16 2014 - 5:24pm

Look for sign up sheets tonight at the meeting.

Sept. 30th - Complete partial merit badges with Mrs. Lockie - Communications, Citizenship in the Comm and Citizenship in the World

Geology Merit Badge, Monday, Sept. 22nd 12:45 to 4:00

Posted on Sep 14 2014 - 8:18pm

Please sign up by Tuesday for the Geology Merit Badge. This is a fun badge that the boys will complete while they are at the Roynon Museum.

Eagle Scout Resources

Posted on Aug 25 2014 - 9:27pm

There are LOTS of Eagle Scout resources on the Troop website.

Eagle Scout links to vital documents and instructions, Eagle Scout COH Ceremony resource documents, links, sample COH ceremonies, and more.

Merit Badge Opportunities - 4 listed in announcement

Posted on Aug 25 2014 - 2:36pm

Sign ups are now open for the Geology Merit Badge at the Roynon Museum of Paleontology on Monday, September 22nd at 12:45 to 4:00. Scouts going on the canoe trip will not be back in time to be able to pariticipate this time. Please let me know if you are interested for another date. Siblings can sign up too.

Popcorn Sales

Posted on Aug 24 2014 - 2:29pm

Reminder to all Scouts and Parents.

Popcorn Sales begin 9-13-2014 at 12pm
Sales end 10-31-2014.

Please see attached handout from the picnic if you did



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